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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Best wings ever, Dad!"

Ace of Sales

This past weekend, my son Sam and I went to the YMCA Wing Bowl at Bienville Square.  At 8 years old he has decided that hot wings are the bomb!  So, mid day on a fantastic weather Saturday in Mobile, we tried every kind of wing recipe available. We ate the traditional (cooked on a grill) , deep fried and tossed, smoked and flamed, and even baked and dipped.

The hottest wings we had took me 2 minutes to squelch the burn but Sam luckily didn't try those!  Overall I have to say the crowd was pleasant the weather was great and the wings were amazing.  Sam tried several before reaching the booth with "the best wings ever, Dad!"
Merryl Lynch had a marinade on theirs that blew us away! The marinade is called Hogwine and I  bought the robust blend at Bruno's today. You have to try it for yourself.  Sam and I went back 4 times but they were always out. As soon as they were ready they were gone from people crowding the booth.

Too bad Merryl Lynch doesn't have a restaurant in town.... Or maybe thats a good thing!

So take a kid out to all the things to do in Mobile and the Gulf area and have a great time watching them have fun! Forget about YOU and focus on THEM and you will be amazed at what you find out and learn.

I hope you enjoy the articles here in the Ezine for this month and if you have any questions for me on Valpak or any other marketing concern, let me know and I will try and help! 

John D